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Photo by betyarlaca/iStock / Getty Images


I would love to live
Like a river flows,
Carried by the surprise
Of its own unfolding.

John O'Donohue
'Fluent' from CONAMARA BLUES

When my children were young they wanted to repeatedly listen to me read a book titled "We're going on a bear hunt."  Even though they gripped my arm and hid their faces anticipating danger, they pleaded for me to read it again and again.  The book presents many obstacles. Each time the children happen upon one, It reads: "You can't go over it, can't go under it... gotta go thru it."  Children seem to be keen to the understanding that life cannot be avoided, it must be engaged head on.  The journey to juicy begins with honoring and allowing the stickiest, messiest parts of life into our heart.  

WE are always beginning, always in the middle of it and always on the other side.  There is no getting over it.  Becoming juicy is opening to the embrace of the universe, however uncomfortable.  It is remembering that even the dryness of a scorched earth can bring new life; with a greater and more abundant juiciness than ever before.  

Here I share my journey back home, to the juicy flow of heart, spirit, joi de vive!  Here I share the lightness of a child's heart with the depths of a seasoned soul...  may it be helpful to those who happen here.  

Stay Juicy!  Love Kathleen


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